Create sustainable sleep habits


Learn settling strategies, optimal sleep environments, and wind down routines - backed by research - that work.

(even if you've already tried everything the internet has to offer!)

It's so hard when our little ones are young and we're struggling.

We try not to take the little things so seriously, but we're worn out and weary.

Often, because of that, we feel guilty for not being able to enjoy every minute while our babes are small.

You go to the ole internet or other friends for advice...and you get told something like this:

"Babies don't keep... enjoy every minute and hold them all day if you have to. "

"Eventually she'll learn to sleep, it'll sort itself out."

"Just relax, worrying about it won't help."

"Every child is different, don't listen to other people, it's probably just his personality."

"Feeding every hour all day and night is normal. It's what responsive parents do. Sleep training is damaging."


The trouble is while these people totally mean well, positive thoughts don't change what's happening in your home.

They don't help you get through the day without All The Coffee and crashing or feeling dread and doom as evening approaches.


Well, I suspect it's because... don't want to be crabby and sleep deprived for years waiting on your child to decide to sleep.

...sometimes you have other children (or responsibilities) to handle and cannot spend hours a day and hours all night tricking baby into sleeping. Only to do it again if they wake up. don't want to be obsessing about sleep (yours or your babe's)... but the fact you aren't getting enough is literally making your body and mind cry out in protest.

...while people assure you it's *normal* to be sleep deprived...something inside says it shouldn't be this hard for your little one to get what is essentially one of their body's greatest daily needs.

It's not that you care what others think... you care because you and your little lamb are so wiped out.

And because, deep down, you know that living without enough restorative rest is simply NOT sustainable. And while it's not very popular to say it (follow me for more unpopular but true info)...

Of course it's difficult for you to "just relax" and enjoy your precious family when adrenaline and cortisol are pumping through your body from stress and lack of sleep.

Honestly, some moms are so strung out after months of sleepless nights and hazy days they don't even know where to start.

They don't think they can handle the tears, the resistance, or maybe even judgment from other family members or friends.

You might've been told to just get on with it and get over it. Which, of course, you have been doing already and you see where that's gotten you.

Rest assured, mama, (and surprise! surprise!) I ain't telling you to continue in the very habits that are preventing you and your little lamb from health fortifying sleep.

But I also know some mothers, maybe you included, are hesitant to try and make any real changes regarding sleep because of these valid reasons below.

Don't know who to trust because everyone says different things.

Are secretly afraid your little one is the exception to the rule and nothing but time is going to help them sleep.

Tried a bunch of things already and nothing stuck and you are too worn out for all this trial and error business.

Are too overwhelmed to make any big life changes. There's no time to shower sometimes... much less mount a sleep offensive.

Bought into the idea that sleep training is damaging. Even though there is gobs and gobs of peer reviewed research clearly shows the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation in infants over weeks and months.

Just don't believe it's possible to cuddle, hug, sing, pray, kiss a child, put them in their sleeping space, and then leave as they fall asleep happy. Without crying or lifelong psychological damage.

Imagine drastically reducing night waking, sleep fighting, rocking/jiggling/doing all the tricks to get baby down.

Imagine never having to walk around in a sleep deprived haze again, having that panicked jittery exhausted feeling.

It's not selfish to want your little one to sleep.


Sleep Little Lamb teaches sustainable sleep solutions for worn out mamas that want their little ones to sleep (without the stress and tears!).

This class is perfect for mothers (including soon to be mothers), fathers, foster mamas, night nannies, babysitters, and anyone else who cares for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers day in and day out.

In Sleep Little Lamb, I will show you simple strategies that support baby in creating positive sustainable sleep habits.

Oh, and afterwards, you'll have your own little lambs who go to sleep (and stay asleep) without a fuss.

You'll feel like a new woman after this class because you will:

Replace frantic responses (that add stressed energy to sleep times) with calm strategies to settle baby.

Create the perfect environment for your little lamb's sleep without having to buy a bunch of expensive (and unsafe) equipment.

Simplify your approach to sleep so your babe is calm and ready to fall asleep at predictable times, day and night.

You don't need encouragement or a shoulder to cry on (well, to be honest, you may need that TOO).

What you need is simple step-by-step guidance and specific solutions to help your little lamb learn to sleep.

You need to know how to comfort and settle your little lamb if they protest new sleep habit changes (which is 99.9999% likely to happen, tbh).

And you need to know the daily habits backed by research that promote sleep.

Others might encourage you by saying "this too shall pass." And you know what it may pass. It may pass like a kidney stone.

But you know what else is passing?

You don't want your days going by in a blur while you are in survival mode, barely hanging on.

Lack of sleep leads to anxiety, depression, and lowered immune response (even after one night of bad sleep).

And that's just for ADULTS.

The lack of proper sleep in infants is linked to a whole lotta stuff including but not limited to developmental delays and propensities towards other health issues in adolescence.

I don't need to list it all out except to say that the first few years of life our babies grow and change at a rate never repeated.

Their bodies develop, strengthen, heal, and and relax during sleep. If they are waking up every hour all night they are never really settling into the deep restorative sleep they need to grow.

Hello, my name is Rachel Norman, certified baby and toddler sleep consultant, and I am obsessed with sleep.

From childhood I'd jump into my bed (jump from a few feet away, obviously, in case there were snakes under there), curl up under the covers, smile to myself, then drift off into dreamland.

I grew up, got married, had 5 kids in 5 years and wanted my children to love sleep as much as I did. We had healthy sleep routines with plenty of snuggles, kisses and bedtime stories.

Somewhere in there I became a certified sleep consultant, Language of Listening® parent coach, founder of the popular blog, A Mother Far From Home, and brains behind this here class... Sleep Little Lamb.

I've helped thousands of mothers and little lambs get the sleep they need.

Sleep Little Lamb will help you and your precious one get more sleep with my

Use and adapt our wind down routines that take advantage of your little one's circadian rhythms, sleep cues, and sleep drive so they start welcoming sleep instead of fighting it tooth and nail.

You'll learn how to create a warm cozy sleep environment that practically puts your little one to sleep so you aren't spending so much time trying to get them to actually fall (or stay) asleep.

I'll share age appropriate daily schedules that take advantage of your child's natural sleep waves. They are simple so you will actually keep them.

Training (aka settling!). Oh yeah, baby, the meat of the matter. You'll learn how to comfort and settle your little one when they resist sleep without creating unsustainable habits.

Get your little one (and yourself) OFF the sleep deprived hamster wheel of insanity.

Sleep Little Lamb will help you have a child who actually "sleeps like a baby."

Stop trying a bunch of random things that don't seem to get you anywhere.

...follow Sleep Little Lamb's simple steps that are guaranteed (by thousands of babies and mamas before you) to get results.

Inside Sleep Little Lamb, I will guide you step by step in the following:

I'll help you figure out exactly WHY your little lamb is struggling

You'll learn the main reasons little ones don't sleep well (by age) and how to combat that

Age appropriate goals - Daytime vs. nighttime feedsg

How long your little one can sleep for naps and nights, by age

What to wear (by age) to encourage deep sleep

Appropriate noise decibels, location, and volume for settling and sustained sleep

"Stop climbing out of the crib" tricks

How to handle getting out of bed, coming out of the room, etc.

Wind down routines with positive sleep associations that aren't "bad habits"

How long a little one needs to wind down for naps vs bedtime to calm them down

Visual routine cards with wind down routine elements

Feeding habits that encourage optimal daytime nutrition vs. All Night nutrition

Specific foods that encourage melatonin and serotonin production

Nighttime weaning strategies

Evidence based schedules that harness the power of natural sleep waves

Wake times based on age

Tired cues vs overtired cues

Proven daily schedules by age

Slow/Gradual vs Fast/Abrupt settling strategies

How to choose a settling method based on your personality and parenting style

Step by step instructions on how to settle and resettle (when little one wakes up early from naps or in the morning)

How to create a sleep plan based on your (and baby's) personality

Step by step walk-throughs of creating a plan

What to do if your little lamb is super tired before starting the plan

How long to stick with a plan

When to know to pivot

How to avoid confusing baby

The #1 factor in whether a baby responds to your sleep habit changes​

After Sleep Little Lamb your little one will be going to sleep and staying asleep on their own.

They'll be able to calmly go from awake to snoozing without drama, crying, or jumping through hoops.

Sleep Little Lamb offers solutions for little ones aged newborn to 4 years old!

With Sleep Little Lamb, you'll not only get step-by-step video training, but comprehensive companion guides.

So you can get specific age-appropriate solutions. For your current little lamb, and any future ones.

I can't tell you how many times moms have told me they've used my class for more than one child.

And just when you thought a good night's sleep couldn't possibly sound any better...

When you purchase Sleep Little Lamb, you'll also get $64 worth of FREE bonuses!

BONUS #1: Gathering A Support Team PLAYBOOK ($19 value)

Spouse not on board? Single mom? Feeling lonely but KNOW you need to do this? I'll show you how to gather a support team to help you through.

Got a spouse who isn't supportive of your choices? I'll share tips how to get support from your loved ones and support circles.

Going at it alone? No worries, you can do this, mama, and I'll show you how. Even if you are juggling other kids in the process.

BONUS #2: Sleep Train In A Weekend GUIDE ($19 value)

Whether you are going back to work, have a procedure or surgery coming up, are having another baby, going away, etc. sometimes we need to make changes and we need to do them quickly.

Need fast results with minimal disruption? This guide will help.

Got other siblings you don't want interrupted during training? I'll share how to handle siblings to minimize disruptions.

Get a timeline for a weekend reset and expectations of results.

BONUS #3: Routine Rescue Pack ($19 value)

Our family's daily routines make the world go round. This pack will help you get your entire family's routines in order to meet everyone's needs well.

Family routine planning sheets to help block plan your weeks and months

Video training on how to organize your days with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers for everyone to be well rested and happy

Self care habit tracking sheets and journal prompts

BONUS #4: Visual Wind Down & Sleep Cards ($7 value)

These cards can be printed, laminated, hung up and used for yourself (or any other carer) to help follow your little lamb's wind down and daily routines.

Beautiful wind down and baby sleep cards to hang up in your nursery

Daily routine cards to help teach toddlers and preschoolers independence

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Get $64 worth of bonuses for FREE when you purchase Sleep Little Lamb!

Create sustainable sleep habits for your little one (even if you're tried everything Google has to offer) so your whole family can sleep peacefully without all the stress and tears.

Here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase Sleep Little Lamb:

  • Step-by-step training videos ($199 value)

  • Comprehensive companion workbooks by age ($79 value)

  • Printable routine sheets by age ($12 value)

  • Customizable sleep plan template & sleep logs ($12 value)

  • BONUS: Gathering A Support Team ($19 value)

  • BONUS: Sleep Train In A Weekend Guide ($19 value)

  • BONUS: Routine Rescue Pack ($19 value)

  • BONUS: Visual Routine Cards ($7 value)


Regular Price = $97


*This is a special limited time offer price and the class cannot be found at this price anywhere else on my site or shop!

Now, hear me out on this. You don't "have to" change anything.

But what is your little lamb missing out on without the proper rest?

I'll tell you.... they're in danger of missing a lot because during sleep:

  • Brain development occurs. Brain synapses are formed while asleep as well as right and left brain connections.

  • Memories are formed and stored from the day's events. This is where children consolidate what's going on around them.

  • A foundation for a child's developmental future is laid as lack of sleep as an infant is directly correlated, by numerous peer reviewed studies, with developmental delays, cognition issues, obesity, heart vulnerabilities, and much more.

You, who is in charge of maintaining the home atmosphere, moods, and, well, family life?

Good mental health, for one. Restorative sleep that promotes good physical health, for another.

Oh, and the joy of having your little one kiss you, roll over, then drift off into dreamland.

Your little lamb needs to be taught how to sleep well.

Moms will spend more money on baby gear than my mom did on my first car. They'll stay up all night and jump through hoops all day to try and keep baby comfortable.

They will upend their whole life to mother well..

Then they'll wallow in guilt if they even think about starting sleep training (a.k.a. teaching a vital life skill).


Are you ready to shepherd your little one in this area, like you do in every other area of life?

You may have spent weeks or months in a sleep deprived haze, but there's good news.

Research shows the biggest gains in sleep habits occur during the first 3 nights of routine change.

How much time is required?

You can set aside a couple hours, max, to get through the materials. Depending on the settling method you choose based on your own (and baby's) personality, the sleep training itself can be done in as little as 3 days to 2 weeks.

How fast can I expect to see results?

Peer reviewed studies (and my own experience with thousands of babies, and my mentors with over 10,000) the biggest changes occur during the first three nights.

Will this work if I co-sleep?

While you are trying to teach new independent sleep habits, it's best if you put baby in their own sleep space while they learn these new skills. If, afterwards, you want to continue co-sleeping safely, that's up to you!

Does this method involve cry-it-out?

Sleep Little Lamb offers multiple settling methods, some fast/abrupt and others slow/gradual. You get to choose which you prefer! I have multiple settling methods available that are not cry based.

Will my baby cry?

Nearly all babies protest change and, depending on how strong willed your little lamb is, you may meet resistance. Luckily, if desired, you can choose a settling method that keeps you present with babe so you know you are providing support and nurture as they learn this vital life skill.

Can this be accessed without the internet?

The videos require internet access to view. However, you'll receive a robust companion guide (that can be accessed offline!) that includes all you need to know, in order with examples, that you can keep handy no matter where you are.

What age children is this for?

Sleep Little Lamb is geared toward little lambs aged newborn until around 4 years of age. You will receive age appropriate guidance. And, as many mothers have done before you, can even use this for multiple children as you'll have lifetime access.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes! You can find the link to the refund policy link at the bottom of this page. You have 30 days to request a refund, as long as you submit the proof of ineffectiveness required in the policy.

Join the thousands of mothers before you who've used my sleep strategies to take their little lamb from crying, fussing, and exhaustion to... sleeping like babies.

Even if they're toddlers. :)

Here's a hard, but freeing truth...

We were all created to have deep peaceful restorative sleep that promotes health and well-being.

Your little one isn't fighting sleep because they don't want it or don't need it. They are fighting sleep because they haven't learned how to do it yet.

Are you ready to teach them?

It's NORMAL to hug, cuddle, sing, pray, and put your babe down to sleep then walk away.

And have everyone calmly snooze the night away.

Let me help you and your little lamb, mama.

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase Sleep Little Lamb:

  • Step-by-step training videos ($199 value)

  • Comprehensive companion workbooks by age ($79 value)

  • Printable routine sheets by age ($12 value)

  • Customizable sleep plan template & sleep logs ($12 value)

  • BONUS: Gathering A Support Team ($19 value)

  • BONUS: Sleep Train In A Weekend Guide ($19 value)

  • BONUS: Routine Rescue Pack ($19 value)

  • BONUS: Visual Routine Cards ($7 value)


Regular Price = $97


START SLEEPING TODAY!Congrats, mama, you and baby are on your way!
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